A sharp and smart platform to design the fabric of heritage, to awake the education, to bloom the farming and to balance the wheels of industry.

What we do

Dauli Foundation Cherish your contribution that makes a ladder of amity to Re- shape the world. It firmly connected to the organization, Trend –setter and Mind Blowing Ideas.


Our Venture

Dauli Foundation Incepted on the base of a notion however embossing its footprints on the path of so many lives.


Our Path Finder

We are stepping forward with our innovative path finder’s with a broad outlook to face any kind of challenges.


Our Concepts

We believe in the concept of togetherness. We welcome others to join us with their brilliant ideas for the betterment of a constructive future.

As a non Profit Organisation, we capture all funds that can raise up our potential to make a perfect plan to expand education, to take care of agriculture and to weave the thread of our culture in heritage with a mature and positive thinking. we are trying to develop and to craft the set of skills with our eminent team of exposures with the spell of mind. The challenges of tomorrow can only be met with new and innovative solutions that will help us to empower the Indian youth to harness their potential in a competitive environment.

To foster the next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders and organizations ,Dauli Foundation’s key focus is on partnering with the communities to build an ecosystem that will create these innovative enterprises.

The full scope of Dauli Foundation is to eventually be a movement of young people to strengthen India’s ability to build bridges across youth movements and advocate for effective policy and accountability processes. Any large scale changes in the socio economic sphere requires significant and sustained effort over many decades and can only be achieved through working at multiple levels as well as on several areas simultaneously.

The Dauli Foundation maintains a portfolio of interconnected initiatives, each of which committed to be specific and measurable within a projected timeframe and incorporates rigorous monitoring as work progresses, while remaining flexible enough to seize unanticipated opportunities, shift tactics as and when required.

Dauli foundation pursue its mission through dual goals: advancing inclusive economies that expand opportunities for more broadly shared prosperity, and building resilience by helping people, communities and institutions prepare for, withstand, and emerge stronger from acute shocks and chronic stresses.

Give a Hike to our speed because good change is our deed


With your investment for good cause , we take courage to span our wings on every field as social , cultural and commercial . Your contribution means to electrify our work process.


Join your hands with a team who believe in making firm base and not diffident in their work planning . Dauli foundation treats their allies politely and in elated manner.


To become a proffer of Dauli Foundation is a matter of proud and conjunction of dream and reality by working on small and bulky projects. You are most welcome if ready to face the dares of Dauli foundation glaring projects .


Come on the track of Dauli Foundation that give a platform to know about its focus and approach to Education , Farming , Small Industries and all other hidden opportunities .Dauli foundation is doing better for the implementation of values and vocations.

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