At Dauli Foundation, we are always looking to learn about new, innovative models for solving socio- economic issues in the regions where we work. If you have a business that meets our investment criteria, we want to hear from you!


To submit your proposal, please follow the steps below. Please read our investment criteria and investment principles carefully, as these will answer many of the questions you may have to determine whether Dauli foundation is a good match for you or not . Due to the high volume of applications, unfortunately, we are only able to respond to submissions of interest.

Give a Hike to our speed because good change is our deed


With your investment for good cause , we take courage to span our wings on every field as social , cultural and commercial . Your contribution means to electrify our work process.


Join your hands with a team who believe in making firm base and not diffident in their work planning . Dauli foundation treats their allies politely and in elated manner.


To become a proffer of Dauli Foundation is a matter of proud and conjunction of dream and reality by working on small and bulky projects. You are most welcome if ready to face the dares of Dauli foundation glaring projects .


Come on the track of Dauli Foundation that give a platform to know about its focus and approach to Education , Farming , Small Industries and all other hidden opportunities .Dauli foundation is doing better for the implementation of values and vocations.

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