We raise charitable donations that allow us to make patient long-term investments in early-stage social –economic projects providing reliable and affordable access to inputs for the viable projects for upliftment of the various neglected segments and to low-income customers.

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We invest in socio – economic viable projects that are committed to transform the way the society tackles various issues . To us, that means identifying volunteer that meet the following criteria:

Geography :- Be located in or have significant operations or impact in Rural and Tribal area in Indian Geography .

Sectors :- Operate in one of our investment sectors of Agriculture & Horticulture , Handloom and Handicrafts ,Education, Medium and small scale industries.

Stage :- Be an early-mid stage project that is in the process of scaling. We rarely invest in pure start-up

Strong Management Team :- Have a strong and experienced management team with the skills, will, and vision to execute the business plan, an unwavering commitment to serve Various unsolved social economic Issues.

Potential for Significant Social Impact :- Make a product or deliver a service that addresses a critical need for the poor in our sectors and geographic focus.

Potential to Achieve Scale :- Be able to demonstrate a clear path to scale for the number of end users over the period of our investment, and be positioned as one of the leading service providers in the market.


Dauli Foundation’s Portfolio team operates as a partnership that shares knowledge, insights, and experiences across its team members.

Potential investments are identified through business plan submissions, referrals, or proactive research by our Portfolio team members. All investments go through an Initial Due Diligence process in which the potential investment opportunity is vetted and discussed by senior members of Dauli Foundation’s Portfolio Leadership Team (PLT). For those investments that pass the initial deliberation stage, the team conducts a rigorous Formal Due Diligence process which entails a review of the promoter/enterprise in the general areas of (1) social impact, (2) financial viability, (3) operations, (4) management, (5) accounting and (6) legal. Investment opportunities are then presented to the Investment Committee, which is responsible for leading a final discussion on the critical issues of the potential transaction and ultimately responsible for approval or rejection of investment opportunities.


Our investment decisions are strongly guided by our investment principles. These include keeping the following at the forefront of our decision making:

Voices of the Customer :- We stand with the economically challenged by keeping our customers at the core of the work we do. This means listening to the voices of low-income customers that are, too often, unheard.

Balanced Investment Approach :- We have a high tolerance for risk with our investments but work to understand and mitigate these risks where possible.

Quantitative and Qualitative Insights :- While we believe in measuring social and financial performance, we also believe that not all impact can be measured. We seek to capture and share stories and lessons we are learning from our work and share these in sector-wide discussions with our larger community.

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With your investment for good cause , we take courage to span our wings on every field as social , cultural and commercial . Your contribution means to electrify our work process.


Join your hands with a team who believe in making firm base and not diffident in their work planning . Dauli foundation treats their allies politely and in elated manner.


To become a proffer of Dauli Foundation is a matter of proud and conjunction of dream and reality by working on small and bulky projects. You are most welcome if ready to face the dares of Dauli foundation glaring projects .


Come on the track of Dauli Foundation that give a platform to know about its focus and approach to Education , Farming , Small Industries and all other hidden opportunities .Dauli foundation is doing better for the implementation of values and vocations.

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