Kuntal Gramo Udyog

Kuntal Gramo Udyog is a women’s Organisation manufacturing and producing various products from Detergent powder, Masala Papad, Bakery Products, Home Made Pickles and Rice Flour. The Organization is wide –spreaded with its central office at New Delhi and having its women centric divisions in different cities of India.

The Success of the organization stems from the efforts of its founder member – Late Smt. Shakuntala Bhardwaj, who have withstood several hardships with unshakable belief in “the Strength of a Woman”. The Growth of Kuntal Gramo Udyog is often seen in the larger canvas of woman and their empowerment. Kuntal Gramo Udyog believes in the philosophy of Sarvodaya and Collective Ownership. It accepts all its working members as the owners and an equal part taker in both profit and loss. All working members are co-owners and fondly referred to as “Sisters”.

New Arrivals

Hand made BY the Mothers

Come home to pickles

Kuntal Gramo Udyog

Kuntal Gramo Udyog Pickles will remind you of your homes and ours. Nourished and nurtured under the watchful eyes of a team of mothers, these pickles are infused with everything natural and of course, with Mother’s love.

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Within last few years, the lifestyle of people has completely changed, especially the working class. They strive for processed foods that are easy to cook. In addition, they should be of premium quality and offers the delectable taste that is hard to find anywhere else. Taste is everything and this is what makes a food thrives in this Mechanical life . Thus, at Kuntal Gramo Udyog , we truly understand it and bring you the best convenient foods that will entice your taste buds. Taste can also bring the generations together, and we work towards weaving them.

We offer a diverse range of food products that serves the taste of entire India in a processed and presentable way.

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